January 2, 2018
2017 was the Safest Year on Record for Commercial Aviation

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Dutch aviation consultants To70 report that 2017 is officially the safest year for commercial air travel. There were no commercial jet fatalities in 2017, and To70 estimates that the fatal accident rate for commercial aviation is one in 16 million flights. That’s a remarkably low rate considering how many things can go wrong when flying an aircraft around the world,

This isn’t to say there were no fatal accidents in 2017 though. There were 10 fatal accidents concerning cargo and commercial propeller planes which killed 79 people. Still, these are very low numbers in the grand scheme of things and the number of annual fatalities has been steadily dropping over the years.

As a point of reference, the Aviation Safety Network says there were 1,015 deaths around commercial flights in 2005 and 303 deaths in 2016. Air travel has come a long way over the decades. Everyone has issues with airlines these days, but it’s heartening to see how safe aviation has become.

H/T: Reuters