December 2, 2016
Earn 3X JetBlue Points per Dollar on Amazon

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Straight to the Point

  • JetBlue is awarding 3X points per dollar spent on Amazon when you launch Amazon through your unique JetBlue link.


Earning Bonus Points

  • JetBlue has partnered with Amazon to award customers 3X JetBlue points per dollar spent on Amazon purchases.
  • This is in addition to any of the normal credit card point’s you get from shopping on Amazon.


Two Ways to Earn Bonus Points

  1. When you’re on a JetBlue flight, connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi (Fly-Fi as JetBlue calls it), and use the popup browser to launch Amazon. The subsequent Amazon purchases should get you the bonus points.
  2. Login to your JetBlue account and click your unique link, which should forward you to Amazon.


Important Details

  • The unique link will only get you points for 24 hours after forwarding you to Amazon. After that, you need to log back into your JetBlue account and click the link again if you’re making additional Amazon purchases.
  • The JetBlue points will be credited to your JetBlue account 60 days after your purchase has been shipped. Returned or canceled items are not eligible for bonus points.


Amazon Products Excluded from Earning Bonus Points

  • Any product or service sold on a site linked to from the Amazon Site (e.g., a product or service listed through our “Product Ads” program or sold on a site linked to from a banner ad, sponsored link, or other link displayed on the Amazon Site).
  • Any wireless service plan offered through the Amazon Site and not sold or fulfilled by us.
  • Any product, including games and other applications, sold through the Amazon Appstore for Android.
  • Any product sold on
  • Restaurant takeout.
  • Any alcoholic beverage product.
  • Any digital Kindle product purchased as a subscription (e.g., Kindle newspaper subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, blog subscriptions, etc.).
  • Any free trial subscription.


Final Thoughts

  • You can typically redeem JetBlue points for around 1.5 cents each. So earning 3X points per dollar is about the equivalent of getting 4.5% back per dollar in the form of JetBlue points. And remember, this is in addition to the credit card points you earn too.
  • If you shop on Amazon and fly JetBlue, you might as well get some bonus points in the process!