July 29, 2017
Top 6 Destinations for Backpackers

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Backpacking has become huge among  recent high school and college graduates, as well as those in their mid to late twenties. Choosing a destination that is safe and affordable can be a little challenging. Here’s a list of six destinations for those of you ready to go backpacking!

  1. Thailand


If you’re planning on backpacking with someone else, it will cost you about $20 per day for two people in Thailand. You can stay in a hut which costs about $8 per night in Thailand, and if you want to stay in Bangkok, it’ll cost about $20 for a double room. You can also stay in 5-star resorts for as little as $100 day. The food here is delicious and the prices are CHEAP! Pad Thai, Massuman curry, and spring rolls are extremely popular among tourists and a cheap meal is between $3-$5.


  1. Peru

machu pichu peru

Peru is particularly well-known for its indigenous cultures as well as the alluring jungles and extremely tall mountain ranges. On an average day, you can expect to only spend $25 but if you plan on going to parties, you’ll want to save some extra money. Buses in Peru aren’t too safe so you may want to rent a car or find other means of transportation. Don’t forget to visit Machu Picchu!

3. New Zealand

new zealand

If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, head to the north island of New Zealand where you can tour the actual movie set. While food is expensive (about $10-15 for a sandwich) there’s plenty of free outdoor activities. The Hamilton Gardens have been ranked as one of the best outdoor gardens in the world and there are inexpensive campgrounds, perfect for gazing at the stars! With the large city of Auckland, ziplining, glow worm caves and kayaking, adventure seekers should definitely backpack through New Zealand.

4. Canada


Not a fan of long flights? Our neighbors to the north make it easy and exciting for us to go backpacking throughout Canada. Montreal is backpacker friendly, offering hostel dorms for about $15 per night. There are 10 major mountain chains, a slew of lakes and the world’s longest coastline. Toronto offers a gorgeous art district and plenty of bars for the younger crowds, including a Harry Potter themed bar!

5. India


India is one of the most adventurous and affordable places you can go. When you want authentic curry, visit the local markets and eat like the locals. Using the train is one of the best ways to cut costs but make sure you book ahead as tickets sell out quick. You can even hop on a sleeper train and enjoy more privacy. Meals here are about $0.70-$3.00, which leaves more money in your pocket to explore the Taj Mahal, Askshardham and the Golden Temple of Amritsar.

6. Portugal

portugal beach

There are numerous cities and towns situated along the beach including Lisbon, Porto and Faro. Faro is a quieter location and is perfect for those who want to soak in the beautiful forests and beaches. You can camp right on the beach for only $10 a night! If you’re all about architecture and museums, head over to Porto where you’ll discover both modern artwork and medieval architecture.