June 28, 2017
Six Can’t Miss European Festivals in 2017

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There’s more to traveling than luxury stays and excursions. If you’re a lover of music and parties, countries all around the world are hosting some major festivals in the upcoming months. Most music festivals also have unique food vendors and art scenes. From indoor techno festivals to outdoor folk festivals surrounded by fairy lights, there are literally hundreds to choose from.

Sziget Festival – Budapet, Hungary

Situated along the Danube River, the Sziget Festival on the island of Óbudai-sziget offers a variety of musical genres including EDM, rock, indie, electronica, reggae, hip hop and punk. The festival last for seven days but this certainly doesn’t mean you’re stuck on the island. You can always travel over to Budapest and soak in the natural baths. People often refer to it as one of the most beautiful festivals they’ve attended as the woods are decked out with lamp shades, umbrellas, and disco balls!

Event takes place from August 9th-16th.

Flow Festival – Helsinki, Finland

Image Courtesy of Flow Festival

With an intricate combination of music, art and food, the Flow Festival provides food samples from over 30 eateries as well as artwork produced by the University of the Arts Helsinki students. You can expect to dance to indie, rock, jazz, and underground hip-hop music. There’s a HUGE balloon that acts a landmark and you can actually see it from miles away.

Event takes place from August 11th-13th.

Outlook Festival – Pula, Croatia

In the afternoon you’ll find yourself swaying to reggae and during the evening expect to shake around a bit more to dubstep, garage, house and techno beats. There’s a fairy-lit campsite to set the mood. The festival is located in the 2,000 year old Ampitheatre. If you want to spend a little extra time in Croatia, head over to one of the many boat parties!

Event takes place from September 7th-10th.

La Tomatina – Buñol, Spain

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Packed with people (and tomatoes) you really can’t miss out on La Tomatina. This is the world’s largest tomato throwing festival! While most are familiar with this strange and exciting event, they don’t exactly know how to prepare. Make sure to wear old, dirty shoes and protect any electronics in a very watertight bag. You’ll be throwing plenty of tomatoes and getting hit with tomatoes too so prepare to have your clothes ruined.

Event takes place on August 30th.

Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

This is the largest beer festival in world! Millions of travelers from around the world gather here every year to taste Munich’s finest beers. Even if you aren’t a drinker, the 18-day festival in Germany is still a good time. Filled with amusement rides and traditional German food, you’ll really get to dive into the German culture.

Event takes place from September 16th – October 3rd.

Krampusncht – Austria

Image Courtesy of Fest300.com

You may have heard the dark tale of Krampus (one of Saint Nicholas’s companions according to Bavarian folklore). Austria has really brought this story to life. When you attend this festival, you’ll notice Krampus walking along the streets with large fangs hanging out of his mouth. It’s almost like walking into a nightmare – a very intriguing and fun nightmare. This may be better suited for teens and above as Krampus is a half goat, half demon with chains dragging along his body! Europeans dress up like the child-napping demon to commemorate the Christmas season with drinking and partying.

Event takes place all over Austria on December 6th.