May 25, 2017
Seven Airlines Join TSA PreCheck-Including Singapore & Turkish

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The TSA just added seven new airlines to the Pre-Check program. In case you don’t know, TSA Pre-Check allows trusted travelers to go through airport security much faster than regular security lines. Pre-Check members have access to a separate security line, they don’t have to remove laptops and small liquids from their bags, and they can keep their belts and shoes on. I personally love Pre-Check as the lines are consistently shorter than regular security lines, and the lines move faster as well since people don’t have to unpack their luggage and take off their shoes.


The TSA just added Copa Airlines, Dominican Wings, InterCaribbean Airways, Silver Airways, Singapore Airlines, Swift Air, and Turkish Airlines to their network. This means that if you’re flying one of those airlines, along with the 31 other airlines already in the Pre-Check network, you’ll have access to the TSA Pre-Check lanes on flights departing from the USA.

The main highlight of today’s announcement is Singapore and Turkish airlines joining TSA Pre-Check, as those are huge international airlines serving a number of cities in the US. This is great news for Pre-Check members! If you travel with any kind of regularity, you should have Pre-Check. I signed up about a year ago and it makes a very noticeable difference in the security experience. TSA Pre-Check normally costs $85 for a five-year membership, but there’s multiple ways to get it for free if you have the right credit cards. I’ll have a separate post on the website shortly to discuss how to get Pre-Check for free 🙂