September 2, 2017
A Huge 20-acre Italian Food Theme Park is Opening in November

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If you like Italian food, you’re going to love the new Eatly World opening in Bologna, Italy on November 15, 2017. The €100 million, 20-acre complex will showcase every aspect of Italian cuisine, all the way from farm to table, and admission is free! Visitors can tour orchards, pastures, and workshops where the raw Italian food is made on site. You can witness cheese being fermented, pasta being rolled, prosciutto being salted, olives being pressed into oil, and more! Interested in learning how to prepare Italian food? No problem, Eatly World has classes to teach you!

As you’re touring the massive facility, keep an eye out for the nine breeds of cows, five breeds of pigs, goats, sheep, rabbit, and geese grazing at Eatly World. You might spot a worker milking one of the animals to prepare cheese later on.

When you’ve seen enough of how Italian food is made, you can dine at one of 25 Italian restaurants located at Eatly World. Want to take food home with you? You can do that too! Purchase endless Italian products like cheese, pasta, spices, vegetables, meats, etc from a giant marketplace. Eatly World put out the following beautiful video highlighting the experience:



As if that wasn’t crazy enough, Eatly is also building a 200-room hotel on site, set to open sometime in 2018. Visitors will be able to live in Italian food paradise! Eatly is deploying 44,000 solar panels and employing 3,000 workers to power the massive park. Would you make the trip to Bologna, Italy to visit this Italian food theme park?


All Images Courtesy of Eatly World