August 1, 2017
American Airlines Introducing New Cookies and Voodoo Beer

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My main frequent flyer program is with United Airlines, and I love their warm First Class cookies. I don’t fly American often and have never actually tried one of their First Class cookies. The last time I flew American First I had their ice cream, which was great! Anyhow, American is making two changes to its in-flight menu today. They’re introducing new cookies in domestic First Class and will start offering new beer in all classes.


American is partnering with Christie Cookie Co. to provide the new cookies. Passengers can choose between warm Chocolate Chunk and Snickerdoodle. They look pretty delicious, as cookies typically do 🙂

American will also begin offering Voodoo Ranger IPA onboard all domestic and international flights. It’ll be free in Business and First Class and $7 in Economy. I typically don’t drink alcohol on flights (unless it’s free champagne in First Class, then you pretty much have to drink). I find that drinking plenty of water keeps me more fresh and less tired when I land. That being said, I love that zombie skeleton branding on the Voodoo Ranger beer!