July 20, 2017
Flight Review: American Air First Class 737 Boston-LAX

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My airline of choice when flying in the US is United, mainly because I like their reward program and mostly because I love their Star Alliance partners. That being said, I chose to fly American Airlines from Boston (BOS)-Los Angeles (LAX) this time around because I had a tight schedule and AA was my best option.


Unfortunately, the flight ended up departing about an hour late because they had to wait for a late flight attendant. Every 10 minutes or so, they’d announce that we’d begin boarding in about 10 minutes. This kept happening for an hour while everyone was waiting to board at the gate. I get that they do this because they want to begin boarding as soon as possible, but it’s frustrating to have to just stand there while they makeup inaccurate boarding time estimates.


American operates a pretty wide variety of jets, some are ancient and should have been scrapped a long time ago, some are brand new. Thankfully my flight was operated by a newer Boeing 737 and I was flying First Class. The seats were comfortable enough for a domestic First Class product, but lacked the fully reclining lie-flat seats that JetBlue offers in Mint Class on the same route.

The in-flight entertainment was pretty good as well. The screen resolution was sharp and the display was very responsive to swipe commands, though had some difficulty with touch selections. There were tons of movies and TV shows available to watch.

Soon after takeoff, the flight attendant came by asking if we wanted a pair of Bose headphones. I was pretty surprised that American offers these on a domestic route since few airlines offer Bose headphones even on international flights. Of course I love’d the headphones-they were like pillows on my ears and were noise cancelling!

Meal service began with hot mixed nuts and drinks

For the main course, I ordered the cold chicken salad. It was nice to see a healthy option on the menu.

Finally for dessert we had the option of a cheese plate or ice cream with a choice of toppings-hot fudge, berries, and butterscotch. The vanilla ice cream with berries was delicious.

When it comes to amenities, W-Fi was available and on this flight and was ridiculously expensive. $26.95 for full flight access operated by Wi-Fi provider gogo. Each seat also came with a USB and power outlet.

Overall this was a fine flight. A one hour delay is always annoying, but when it comes to US airlines, it’s just something I’ve come to expect at this point. The flight attendant was brilliant and provided excellent service. He noticed I was playing an airline simulator game on my iPad and showed me his tablet with the same game on it. Oh, and I quite enjoying using my United Polaris eye mask when trying to sleep on an American Airlines flight. A couple flight attendants were amused by that 😉