January 8, 2018
Access Etihad’s Residence Lounge in Melbourne for Just $31

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Etihad airlines offers a product one step above First Class, called the Residence. It’s a three-bedroom suite on an A380 consisting of a bedroom, living room, and a private bathroom (with your own private shower inside). Passengers flying the Residence have access to Etihad’s private Residence lounges. These are located in a separate wing within the First-Class lounge.

Image Courtesy of Etihad

Etihad operated a Residence lounge in Melbourne, Australia up until it stopped flying the A380 back in October. Instead of leaving the lounge empty, the airline is now selling access for just 40 AUD (which comes to about $31 USD). Anyone with access to Etihad’s main Melbourne lounge can pay to use the private Residence space.

You won’t receive the personalized menu and service as you would if actually flying the Residence, but you’ll have the entire private space to yourself. For just $31 that’s a great bargain considering US carriers charge $59 just to enter their generic lounges.