May 11, 2017
Air Canada Launching New FFP Program in 2020, Leaving Aeroplan

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If you have a lot of Aeroplan miles, you might want to start redeeming them before 2020. Air Canada announced today that it will be ending its contract with Aeroplan and launching its own loyalty program effective June 30, 2020. Although Aeroplan is currently Ari Canada’s exclusive loyalty program, Aeroplan is actually an entirely separate company that’s not run by Air Canada. Air Canada executive Benjamin Smith said the following:

“The new program, launching in 2020, will offer additional earning and redemption opportunities, more personalized service and a better digital experience for Air Canada customers…Similar to all of Air Canada’s North American peers, by managing our own loyalty program, we will be able to take better care of our customers by making decisions in real time that address specific needs.”


Frequent Flyer Program Before June 2020

Aeroplan and Air Canada will continue operating exactly the same over the next three years, until their contract ends on June 30, 2020. Air Canada and Star Alliance flyers will continue to earn and redeem miles through Aeroplan until then.


Frequent Flyer Program after June 2020

Once Air Canada’s new loyalty program launches in June 2020, Air Canada and Star Alliance customers will earn and redeem miles through the new loyalty program. All miles previously earned through Aeroplan will remain in customers’ Aeroplan accounts-they won’t be transferred over to the new loyalty program. Air Canada will continue to allow Aeroplan customers to redeem their miles for flights on Air Canada aircraft.

This has the potential to be great for customers, as Air Canada will be designing a brand new loyalty program from scratch. We just don’t know any details about it yet. It’s also great that we have three years advance notice. I don’t plan on changing my Aeroplan mileage strategy for the time being as this change is still a long way off. But always remember one of the most important strategies for earning miles-never hoard too many in a single loyalty program. Diversity is king in case of devaluations and negative program changes. On that note, if you’re curious what an Air Canada Business Class experience looks like you can check out my review here.