October 1, 2017
Air France Engine Blowout Over Atlantic Forces Emergency Landing

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A massive Air France A380 carrying 520 people had to make an emergency landing in Canada this Saturday when one of its engines broke apart mid-flight. Air France says the aircraft suffered serious damage to one of its four engines. Thankfully, the aircraft landed successfully and no one was injured. Passengers report hearing a loud pop and feeling airplane vibrations when the engine blew somewhere over Greenland.

The front of the engine is gone and badly damaged.

The pilots took the plane down to 31,000 feet when the engine failed over Greenland and proceeded to fly another two hours to Goose Bay, Canada to make the emergency landing. It took another two hours to get passengers off the plane once it landed because Goose Bay apparently didn’t have stairs big enough for the A380 (the biggest passenger jet in the world). Air France has since sent two smaller aircraft to fly the passengers onward to Los Angeles. Scary stuff.