January 25, 2018
Air France Unveils Redesigned Business Class Lounge in Paris

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Air France has been renovating its Business Class lounge in Paris (CDG) Terminal 2 for months. You can find my review of what this space used to look like here. The airline has finally opened the renovated space to the public and released photos of what it looks like.

Air France says the 3,200 square meter lounge is “much larger” than it used to be, has an open kitchen, private saunas, and a detox bar. It’s set to open in two stages. The first stage opens today and consists of 2,180 square meters. The second stage, consisting of 1,020 square meters, will open in July 2018.

The lounge features over 550 square meters of “well-being space.” Air France says, “everything has been designed to immerse the customer in a cocoon where time seems to stand still.” Travelers can find the following:

  • An instant relaxation area to relax on loungers or in mini-suites
  • A detox bar to relax, with a selection of fine teas
  • An area dedicated to facial treatments with two private cabins. Customers can benefit from the expertise of Clarins beauticians
  • Two private saunas to freshen up
  • Large luxury showers

Air France appears to have upped its dining options as well. I was tremendously underwhelmed by the food when I last visited. It was basically cheese, cold cuts, and bread. The lounge now offers the following:

  • An open kitchen where a chef prepares hot dishes
  • A self-service station offering seasonal flavors, including casseroles, salads, and pastries
  • A selection of wines and champagnes

I like the look of this space overall. The blue and green furniture is a welcome change from the dull tan colors they used to have. And I’m happy they finally added showers. Not having showers in a flagship Business Class lounge was just sad. I look forward to visiting the remodeled lounge again this summer.