August 22, 2017
Air New Zealand Testing Check-in Robots at Sydney Airport

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Airlines are increasingly turning to automation to make the travel experience more efficient and seamless for customers, as well as to reduce their labor costs. Air New Zealand is currently testing a new humanoid robot named Chip at the Sydney airport. You can find Chip working there through August 25.


Chip will be helping customers check-in to their flights as well tell them which gate to go to. Travelers hold up their boarding pass to Chip’s eyes, who scans it to pull up their flight information. You then complete the check-in process on the touchscreen on Chip’s chest. Here’s the short promo video from Air New Zealand:



Air New Zealand’s chief digital officer said it’s experimenting with Chip “to explore the use of social robotics and how can we use that technology to enhance the travel experience for our passengers.” The robot’s even supposed to wave goodbye to passengers as they leave.


H/T: Daily Mail


Image Courtesy of Air New Zealand