August 4, 2017
Airberlin and JetBlue Announce New Partnership

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Airberlin and JetBlue are partnering to offer customers more flight options between the US and Germany. Beginning September 12, 2017, passengers can use airberlin to book flights operated by the German carrier along with connections to 31 destinations in the US operated by JetBlue. JetBlue hubs in Boston, New York (JFK), and Orlando will be eligible for the airberlin connections.


The main benefit will be the ability to book airberlin flights to many more destinations in the US with its new partner JetBlue (and vice versa to Germany). Passengers will also be able to check their luggage to their final destinations across the two airlines. Airberlin has said that the airlines are working on allowing customers to earn reciprocal frequent flyer miles on partner flights in the future. We don’t have a date yet on when this will happen.

Götz Ahmelmann, Chief Commercial Officer of airberlin, said “This is only the beginning of our co-operation. Together, we are working to extend our partnership in the coming months.” This isn’t any kind of game changer, but more options and easier travel routes for flyers is always nice.