November 12, 2016
Air China’s First Class lounge in Beijing-Not the best

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Straight to the Point

  • I had a couple hours to kill at the Beijing airport and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out Air China’s first class lounge. This lounge is available for international Star Alliance first class passengers and is also a member of the Priority Pass lounge network.



  • The lounge is very spacious with tons of comfortable seating options. That being said, not all the seats come with power outlets which was disappointing for a first class lounge. There was also a dedicated cinema room which looked like it hadn’t been used in ages.

Food and Drink


  • The most disappointing aspect of the lounge was the food option. The food setup was just a small buffet. There was sushi, dumplings, some noodle dishes etc. I gave the food a try and found it to be nothing special. I’ve had similar quality food at average Chinese buffets in the USA. Maybe I’m being picky but the standard for international first class lounges is pretty high.


  • There was however a pretty interesting tea room here. When you order a cup of tea, the waitress will spend about five minutes preparing a cup of traditional Chinese tea on a special wooden table while spilling the hot water and refilling it for what seems like dozens of times. It’s quite an experience to watch!


Final Thoughts

  • This was an overall disappointing lounge. The quality of the food, the service, and the attention to detail is about on par with business class lounges. I’d say that Lufthansa’s business class lounges in Munich and Frankfurt are superior to Air China’s first class lounge in Beijing. It’s a fine space to escape the airport crowds and relax before a flight, but it doesn’t stack up against the competition.