April 24, 2018
Alaska Airlines Adding Basic Economy this Fall

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Alaska Airlines will be adding Basic Economy fares and increasing certain passenger fees. We don’t have exact dates, but Alaska expects to roll out the Basic Economy fares this Fall. This isn’t much of a surprise since most of the US aviation market is moving in this direction.

Basic Economy

Alaska’s version of Basic Economy won’t allow any changes or refunds after 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. Passengers will be last to board, they’ll be seated at the back of the plane, and they won’t be eligible for upgrades. The one silver lining is that passengers can still choose their seats ahead of time.

New Passenger Fees

Alaska will begin charging extra for exit row seats and it will eliminate fee waivers for changes made over 60 days before departure. The elimination of the fee waivers means customers will have to pay an additional $125 to change or cancel both revenue and award tickets 60 days or more before departure.

The airline forecasts these changes will add $100 million in revenue per year going forward.

H/T: Seattle Times

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