April 9, 2018
Alaska Airlines Reducing Carry-On Bag Requirements

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Alaska Airlines has one of the most customer friendly carry-on bag policies in the industry. That will soon change as the airline plans to match what its rivals require. Alaska is reducing its carry-on bag size policy on June 4, 2018. Here’s a chart showing the new bag size vs. the old bag size:

Alaska cites two reasons for this change. First, Alaska allows much larger carry-on bags than its partners. This can cause problems when passengers bring their bag onboard an Alaska flight and then are told they must check it when they try to board a connecting partner airline flight. The new policy will help “avoid carry-on bag size conflicts and make connections with other airlines easier during your future trips.” Second, passengers will be able to fit more carry-ons in the overhead bins.

The new bag requirements match United, American, and Delta. I wish Alaska would stop with all the gradual cuts its made over the years…

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