March 23, 2017
Alaska Airlines Will Phase Out Virgin America Brand

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Alaska airlines announced today that it would scrap the Virgin America name, to the discontent of millions of loyal Virgin flyers. This was inevitable since Alaska finalized the merger back in December 2016, but they finally confirmed it today.


In late 2015, Alaska Air and JetBlue were the main contenders in purchasing Virgin America. By early April 2016, Alaska won the bid, snagging it up for $2.6 billion dollars. The fate of the airline’s name was up in the air until today. Alaska Air Group also pledged to keep Virgin America’s beloved perks like IFE’s with satellite TV, free inflight movies and mood lighting, which its flyers have grown to love.


Alaska’s vice president of marketing stated, “We spent the last 10 months conducting extensive research and listening carefully to what fliers on the West Coast want most”. The airline plans to phase out all Virgin aircraft livery and branding by 2019. It will also be shaping its Alaska airplane cabins and lounges to follow the more stylish and contemporary Virgin America path.


Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin brands, will travel to the Seattle headquarters of Alaska next week. He tweeted today, “It is a sad day” but claimed the Virgin name will still “fly”, referring to its other carriers.

Do you like the unified Alaska branding or would you have wanted to see the Virgin America name live on?

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