October 28, 2017
All Passengers on U.S. Bound Flights Face New Security Interviews

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About a week ago we wrote about new security interviews being implemented on U.S. bound flights originating in South Korea. The new interview process involves asking passengers if they’re carrying bags for someone else, if they’re flying on a one-way ticket, how long they will stay in the U.S. etc. Suspicious passengers will have to undergo additional screening before being allowed to board their flight. These security measures and more are now being implemented worldwide on all direct flights to the United States.

The new policy went into effect a couple days ago on October 26, so you may have noticed longer lines if you’ve been traveling over the weekend. Some of the changes include additional luggage screening, security interviews, and enhanced screening of electronic devices. Airlines have some flexibility concerning this process. For example, some airlines are conducting security interviews at check-in, some at the gate, and some are having passengers fill out a questionnaire.

Roughly 2,000 international flights a day from 100 countries will be affected by the changes. The exact security measures differ by airline and country, and some airlines have received waivers to delay implementation of the new policies. Carriers are encouraging passengers to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight.