July 27, 2017
American Airlines Introducing Basic Luggage Tracking

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American Airlines is launching a new system to alert passengers about delayed luggage. The new technology, called Customer Baggage Notification (CBN for short), will notify flyers about the status of their luggage if it’s not on the plane when they land at their destination.


In order to receive an alert, customers must have the American Airlines app installed, sign up for AAdvantage account, or provide contact information during booking or check-in. The system will send one of three types of alerts to affected customers:

  • Early Baggage Arrival-If your luggage somehow arrives at your final destination before you do, you’ll be notified to pick-up your luggage at the Baggage Service Office.
  • Late Baggage Arrival-If your luggage is delayed, the system can notify you to see an agent at the Baggage Service Office. This is typically the case for flyers with international segments.
  • Late Baggage Arrival-If your luggage is delayed, the system could notify you to fill out a Mobile Baggage Order on your phone. The MBO will ask for your delivery address and a description of your luggage. You won’t have to visit the Baggage Service Office if you fill out the Mobile Order.

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Delta has had similar bag tracking technology in place for a while now. The largest benefit of American’s new system is that if your luggage is delayed, you’ll be notified right away and won’t have to waste time waiting at the carousel wondering if your bags will show up. You can set up delivery on your phone or go to the Baggage Office to sort it out right away. That leaves United as the last legacy US carrier with no luggage tracking feature.