January 2, 2018
American Express Improves Hilton Honors Transfer Ratio

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American Express Membership Rewards points are a valuable form of currency in the miles and points world. You can transfer them to 17 airline frequent flyer programs and three hotel loyalty programs at various transfer rations. Once the points have been transferred, you just book your flight or hotel stay through the partner’s loyalty program. This makes AMEX points very flexible and opens up a lot of creative ways to redeem them.

One of American Express’s transfer partner is Hilton Honors. You could historically transfer points at a ratio of 1,000:1,500. AMEX has quietly updated its website to reflect a new and improved transfer ratio of 1,000:2,000. While this is a great improvement on its own, it’s also notable because there is no accompanying language to suggest this is a temporary change. We can infer at this point that the new transfer ratio is here to stay for good.

As always, it’s generally not a good idea to transfer points from a flexibly program like American Express unless you have a particular use in mind. You should look up how many Hilton points a certain award redemption would cost, calculate how many cents in value you get per American Express point, and then decide for yourself if it’s worth it. I generally don’t redeem points unless I’m getting at least 5 cents per point.

Featured Image Courtesy of Hilton Hawaiian Village