September 29, 2017
American Express is Restricting Access to Centurion Lounges

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American Express Centurion lounges are generally far better than Delta Sky Clubs, United Clubs, or American Admirals Clubs. My favorite thing about Centurion lounges is that they offer food that’s actually tasty and filling…not just cheese and soup like most US airline lounges. Soon after reporting that American Express would be opening new lounges in Hong Kong and Philadelphia next month, news broke that they’d also be adding new restrictions on lounge access.

Starting October 2, 2017, only American Express Platinum or Centurion cardholders (personal and business versions) will be able to access Centurion lounges. Cardholders can still bring two guests for free and purchase $50 day passes for additional guests. Before this change, customers with any American Express card could also purchase a $50 day pass. That option is now eliminated. Starting Monday, you must have either a Platinum or Centurion card or be the guest of someone who does to get in. American Express said the following:

“We understand having a place to relax and recharge in the airport is essential to our Card Members, and we continue to evaluate ways to address any crowding concerns and provide a best in class experience for our Card Members.”

Overcrowding is definitely an issue at Centurion lounges because they’re so darn good. Do you think this will help? I suspect there weren’t a whole lot of people paying $50 a day for a day pass to begin with. I know it’s expensive and difficult, but ideally American Express should focus on increasing the size of these lounges to accommodate its cardholders.




Images Courtesy of American Express