November 7, 2017
American Express Platinum Cardholders Now Receive SoulCycle Perks

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American Express is teaming up with SoulCycle to offer fitness perks to a select group of cardholders. If you’re unaware, SoulCycle is a fitness company which offers 45-minute indoor cycling classes featuring high-intensity cardio. American Express customers with the Platinum Card or the Centurion Card can now enjoy the following perks for one year (expires November 6, 2018).

  • 3 complimentary classes when you purchase a pack of 20 classes with your enrolled card on the SoulCycle website. Cardholders can purchase an unlimited amount of these packages during the one-year promo period.
  • Free group shipping on SoulCycle purchases.
  • 10 first time free class passes for new riders.
  • Purchase a package of 25 SuperSoul classes and receive complimentary SuperSoul status.

You can enroll in the promotion here by logging in with your free SoulCycle account and registering an eligible Platinum or Centurion card. I’ve done SoulCycle one time, and yes it’s a pretty intense cardio workout. If you’re a SoulCycle person, it makes sense to enroll since you get some pretty nice benefits.


All Images Courtesy of SoulCycle