March 14, 2017
American Will Offer Free Meals in Economy on Two Routes

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Last month we wrote about how Delta was introducing free meals in economy class on 12 of its transcontinental routes. Today American Airlines announced that it too will begin offering free meals in economy on select routes starting May 1, 2017. The free meals will be available on flights between New York (JFK)-Los Angeles (LAX)/San Francisco (SFO).

Morning flights will offer a ‘continental breakfast’ and afternoon flights will offer a sandwich wrap. There will also be a vegetarian and fruit/cheese option. I have to laugh at the notion of calling a bagel and cream cheese a ‘continental breakfast’. These meals look about on par with what Delta announced last month, although American is only serving them on two routes compared to Delta’s 12. Clearly American doesn’t want to be outshined by Delta on its most competitive transcontinental routes.

This is great news for economy flyers since, well, free food! You’d think it would be standard practice to serve a meal on a six-hour flight by now. That being said, I don’t think think the offer of a free meal will sway customers’ ticket purchasing decisions here. Now that Delta and American are offering this, I’m curious if United will follow. What do you guys think?