June 27, 2018
Amex Platinum Card adds Annual $100 Saks Fifth Avenue Benefit

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The Platinum Card from American Express comes with a hefty $550 annual price tag. Amex recently relaunched the card with a host of additional benefits and fee credits to justify that price and it’s kept adding more benefits over time. As a reminder, here’s the main perks:

The Platinum Card is gaining an additional benefit on July 1, 2018. Cardholders will receive an annual $100 Saks Fifth Avenue credit. American Express is releasing an annual $50 credit between January-June and another annual $50 credit between June-December. You can register online beginning July 1, 2018. There’s no minimum spend requirement and you can expect to see a statement credit within 2-4 weeks of your purchase. Best of all, both online and in-store purchases qualify!

This is a great addition to the Platinum Card. I don’t normally shop at Saks but I can definitely find $50 worth of products to purchase a couple times a year for free!

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