July 26, 2017
Avianca is Halting Service to Venezuela amid Socialist Collapse

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Avianca, South America’s most prominent Star Alliance member, announced today that it will suspend all flight to Venezuela. The airline cited operational and security concerns as the main reasons for its decision to pull out of Venezuela. The crisis in the country is continuing to worsen following the collapse of the government’s socialist policies. The CEO of Avianca, Hernan Rincon, released the following statement:

“After more than 60 years of continuous service to Venezuela, we in Avianca regret having to come to this difficult decision, but our obligation is guaranteeing security of the operation.”

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Aviance has stopped selling tickets to Venezuela effective immediately and will halt all flights after August 16, 2017. Customers who’ve already purchased tickets to fly after that date will receive a refund. Colombia’s flagship airline is the latest in a series of major international airlines to suspend service to the country. United, Lufthansa, and Air Canada have already stopped flying there.

Venezuela’s debt-laden socialist government has imposed strict currency controls to block foreign companies from taking their own money out of the country. The IATA reports that the government is withholding $3.8 billion that it owes various airlines. This is just one of the reasons why airlines are reducing or suspending service to the country.


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