August 8, 2017
Best & Worst Destinations to Travel with Kids

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There’s so many countries to visit, but when you have children you need to make sure there’s plenty of activities available for your little ones while you’re traveling. While some areas are perfect for those in their twenties who are seeking adventure, they might not be the best for a family. Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst destinations to travel to with kids.

Worst Destination #1: Amalfi Coast, Italy

amalfi coast

Italy’s gorgeous Amalfi Coast is the perfect getaway for a couple but if you plan on bringing children, the steep ledges and cliffs make it challenging for a child to walk. Touring around any area takes a lot of time and a great deal of walking, and this area consists of a vast amount of stairs and drops.

Worst Destination #2:  Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok is perfect for the backpacker. It’s a phenomenal city with plenty of delicious and cheap food options. If you don’t mind crowded streets and open markets, then Bangkok is the right fit for you. However, there is a great deal of poverty so bringing your little ones can be a bad idea. It’s also highly polluted which can be detrimental to children.

Worst Destination #3: Dubai, UAE


Dubai offers luxury skyscrapers, the world’s largest indoor ski resort, as well as incredible golf courses. With the lack of sidewalks, congestion, and an abundance of adults attractions, Dubai isn’t a very child-friendly city.

Best Destination #1: Florence, Italy

florence italy

Not only is Florence recognized as one of the most romantic getaways, but this delightful city is also popular among families. Florence is an extremely safe area in Italy and it’s filled with delicious food; you can literally smell the aroma of fresh Italian food as you walk down the streets.

Best Destination #2: Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

As Spain’s largest city, Madrid is not short on entertainment – even for kids. From the beautiful melodies flowing from the Spanish guitars along the streets to flamenco dancers making a scene, there is a show for audiences of all ages. Many families choose to head to the Madrid Zoo and the Parque de Attractiones.

Best Destination #3: Copenhagen, Denmark


The Danes have been ranked time and time again as the “happiest people in the world.”  Featuring affordable hotels and gorgeous architecture, Copenhagen feels like you’re walking through a fairytale. Children are often delighted to the see the Little Mermaid Statue and the Tivoli Gardens.