March 20, 2017
Breaking: US Officials are Banning Electronics on 13 Airlines

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The Guardian and various other media outlets are reporting a secret US directive is placing new restrictions on 13 airlines. The targeted airlines with flights bound for the US will require passengers to check-in most electronics, including laptops, iPads, kindles, and cameras. Passengers will only be allowed to bring cellphones and medical devices on board with them. The airlines have 96 hours to put the new restrictions in place.

We first got wind of the new directive when Royal Jordanian tweeted the electronics ban earlier today. It has since deleted the tweet as it seems the directive was meant to be confidential. It looks like the order is in relation to a new terrorist threat. We don’t know which airlines (other than Royal Jordanian) are targeted by the ban and have very few details at this point since the government isn’t revealing much. We expect an update tomorrow. Stay tuned.