January 16, 2018
British Airways Crew Walks Off Plane after Spotting Bed Bugs

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British Airways was recently forced to cancel a flight from London (LHR) to Ghana (ACC) after cabin crew walked off the plane. The crew saw bedbugs crawling over the aircraft’s seats and refused to work the flight. They said it was “unacceptable to work on that aircraft.”

British took the plane out of service and replaced it with another. The flight eventually took off four hours late with a different flight crew.  I wouldn’t look too much into this incident on its own, but this isn’t the first report of bed bugs on British aircraft.

Bed bugs are nasty…

A passenger claimed his daughter was bitten by bed bugs on a British Airways flight from Vancouver (YVR)- London (LHR) back in October. A Business Class passenger was bitten by bed bugs just two weeks ago on a British flight from London (LHR)- Cape Town (CPT). British Airways has been aggressively cost-cutting under the leadership of its newest CEO Alex Cruz. This has materially impacted satisfaction and brand loyalty among customers.

There’s no evidence that British has been cutting corners when it comes to cleaning its aircraft. But given the fact that we’ve had three reports of bed bugs in less than 6 months, and Alex Cruz’s track record of cuts, it wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

H/T: The Sun