December 8, 2017
British Airways Grounding Some 787s for Emergency Engine Maintenance

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We first heard that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was having issues in mid-October. At the time Virgin Atlantic was grounding some of its Dreamliners to conduct emergency maintenance on its Rolls-Royce engines. Some of the company’s Trent 1,000 engines were experiencing accelerated wear and tear on the fan blades, which damaged the turbines. The Independent reports that British Airways has recently begun grounding some its own Boeing 787 aircraft because of similar engine issues.

Image Courtesy of British Airways

Travelers can expect flight cancellations in the coming weeks as British works to repair these aircraft. The airline is pulling all its Boeing 777 aircraft from its London-Doha route and using them to fly as many 787 routes as possible while the 787s are being repaired. Hopefully there will be minimal impact for travelers, but you should keep an eye out for changes to your itinerary if you’re booked on the 787 in the coming weeks.

Several airlines, including ANA, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, and Air New Zealand are having similar issues with the turbine blades in the 787. Air New Zealand was forced to ground two aircraft this week for emergency engine maintenance. A Rolls-Royce spokesman said “We sincerely regret any disruption caused by our engine that our customer is experiencing and we are working together to minimize this impact and restore full flight operations as soon as possible.”