October 25, 2017
British Woman is the Only Passenger on a Flight to Crete

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A British woman boarded a flight from Glasgow, Scotland to Crete, Greece only to find out that she was the only passenger onboard! Scottish author, Karon Grieve, booked the flight for 46 GBP (or about $60 USD) on the UK low-cost carrier jet2.com.


Karon expected the flight to be low capacity. She told reporters from The Daily Record, “When I turned up for the flight, I expected it to be quiet because it’s the very end of season and most people are coming home.” She added, “Imagine my surprise when I got to the gate and the flight crew greeted me saying, ‘Hi, you are our only passenger. You have your own private jet today.’”


The Scottish author asked the check-in agent how full the flight was. The agent told her to guess, then told her only 3 people are booked on the flight to Crete. When she boarded the flight, flight attendants told her that she would be flying solo because the other passengers did not show up! Here is Karon’s selfie onboard

Throughout the flight, Grieves got personalized service from the flight crew. She got to chose her own seat, got a free meal, and was entertained by the pilots themselves. Pilots and flight crew would broadcast “Karon” instead of saying “passengers.” Not bad having VIP treatment and a private jet all for $60!


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