November 27, 2017
China Southern and Cathay Pacific Considering Leaving SkyTeam & Oneworld

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Some very interesting news coming from the South China Morning Post this morning. Apparently China Southern Airlines is considering leaving the SkyTeam alliance and joining Oneworld. The airline believes it could benefit by joining Oneworld as there’s currently several SkyTeam airlines serving the Chinese market. China Southern also gets second hand treatment from Delta, SkyTeam’s founding member. Delta’s Greater China Chief, Wong Hong, said “It is more for them to think through and decide.”  I’ll take that to mean Delta doesn’t really care one way or another what China Southern decides to do.

To add another wrinkle to the story, Cathay Pacific is reportedly considering leaving Oneworld and joining Star Alliance if China Southern decides to make the switch to Oneworld. This would make sense as Hong Kong and Guangzhou, the two airlines’ home bases, are relatively close to each other and they serve similar markets.

This is all speculation and nothing is official at this point. If both these airlines were to actually switch alliances, it would mean major changes to the routes and lounges frequent flyers use. Since I’m a predominantly Star Alliance flyer, I wouldn’t mind Cathay Pacific joining my network :p