October 7, 2016
Croatia: One of the most beautiful countries in Europe

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Croatia is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe along the Adriatic Sea with very friendly residents! The coastline is stunning and weather is amazing all summer long. There’s a good chance you’ll recognize some of this country’s cities, as lot of scenes from Game of Thrones are filmed in Croatia.



The city of Dubrovnik should definitely be on your must-see list. Game of Thrones fans will instantly recognize old town Dubrovnik as the site of King’s Landing. As soon as you get to the city you’ll see endless Game of Thrones tours being offered, both by land and by sea. Even if you don’t watch the show, this is still a great was to see the city. The tour guides will show you all the main highlights of the city and explain their historical role as well-like some of the renaissance wars between Venice and Dubrovnik!


Aside from Old Town, you’ll also love the natural scenery here. The country is full of mountains all along the Sea. If you’re a hiker-go for a hike!


If you prefer water activities, there plenty of jet skis, kayaks, and jetpacks to be found on the many beaches. And the water is crystal clear and warm during the summer season.



Split, Croatia’s second largest city, has Roman ruins, beautiful beaches, promenades, cafes, bars, markets, mountains, and bustling nightlife!

Diocletian’s Palace 


Diocletian’s Palace is the where ‘Old Town’ Split is located. It was build around 400 AD as a summer palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian. Today it’s one of several UNESCO sites throughout Croatia. It’s a great spot to visit at night as it’s full of various vendors, musicians, restaurants and bars!

Krka National Park  


Krka is a park located about an hour and a half drive from Split. You can find tour guides all around the city that will take you here for the day. The park is located on Krka River and is full of waterfalls, forests, and different species of fish. Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit and towel because it’s also a great spot to go for a swim! And because this is freshwater, the water isn’t salty-another huge plus! And when you’re hungry there’s several restaurants right next to the falls. The fresh caught trout is a great option 🙂

Island Hopping  


Another cool thing about Croatia is the dozens of islands right off the mainland. Book some excursions and visit them! Some popular islands are Hvar, Brac, Solta, and Bisevo. We chartered a boat and visited four islands in a day and went diving off our boat into the Sea. If you want to see something truly unique, head to the Blue Cave on the island Bisevo. It’s a small cave along the island filled with water that reflects a glowing blue light because of the angle of the sunlight on the water.



Beautiful sunsets every night 🙂