October 13, 2017
Delta Basic Economy Coming to ALL International Routes by 2018

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US airlines have been gradually expanding Basic Economy. As a refresher, Basic Economy fares get you Economy Class seats with major restrictions. With Delta’s Basic Economy, passengers are assigned a seat after check-in, passengers flying together might not be seated together, same-day changes are not allowed, and there are no refunds after the 24-hour cancellation window. Basic Economy passengers are also the last to board, are not eligible for paid or complimentary upgrades or preferred seats-even with Medallion Status.

Basic Economy is working out so well for Delta that it will soon expand the fare class to all international flights. Delta plans to have the rock-bottom fares in place by the end of 2018. Delta President Glen Hauenstein said for following:

Basic economy was fully rolled out in the domestic entity at the end of the first quarter and now has been expanded to include more than half of our Latin portfolio. We continue to expect the products to be available worldwide by the end of next year.

The point of Basic Economy isn’t to offer lower prices to compete with low-cost carriers. Delta admits that the goal is to make the experience horrible enough to encourage passengers to pay extra for a regular Economy ticket. This seems to be working, as Delta said about 50% of passengers considering Basic Economy end up paying for a regular Economy ticket instead.


Featured Image Courtesy of Delta