January 24, 2018
Delta & American Airlines Restore Interline Agreement

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An interline agreement is an agreement between two carriers which basically allows them to purchase tickets from each other. When a passenger on airline A is stranded for some reason, the airline is able to purchase a ticket for the passenger on airline B to get the passenger to his or her destination. Checked bags are also automatically transferred to the final destination. American and Delta used to have an interline agreement but suspended it a few years ago.

Per a leaked American Airlines memo, it appears American and Delta have re-instituted their interline agreement as of January 24, 2018. If passengers need to be re-accommodated, American will first try to put them on another American flight. If this isn’t possible, they’ll try to put passengers on a joint-venture, oneworld, and then non-oneworld partner airline. If all those options fail, American will put the passengers on any other airline available (this option now includes Delta).

The same treatment should be available for Delta passengers who need to be re-accommodated on American flights. This is ultimately a win for consumers as it gives them another way to reach their destination when something inevitably goes wrong with their flight.

H/T: xJonNYC