March 16, 2017
Delta Just Increased Same-Day & Standby Change Fees by 50%

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Delta is raising its fee for same-day flight changes and standbys from $50 to $75. The change is effective for tickets purchased on or after March 15, 2017. Tickets purchased before March 15 are eligible for the old $50 price.


Delta will continue to waive this fee for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond elite members. There’s been no change regarding basic economy tickets-they’re still not eligible for any same-day flight changes or standbys, regardless of status.


This is effectively a 50% price increase which will hurt everyone without Delta status. That being said, this just brings Delta on par with American and United, who both also charge a ridiculous $75 for same-day flight changes and standbys.

H/T: FrugalTravelGuy