October 30, 2017
Delta Selling Comfort+ as a Separate Fare on Transatlantic Routes

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Delta announced its latest Comfort+ international expansion today. Delta Comfort+ is the equivalent to what most international airlines call Premium Economy. On international flights, it offers up to 4 additional inches of legroom over Economy, dedicated overhead bin space, SkyPriority boarding, a nicer pillow and blanket, and a small amenity kit. Back when it launched in 2015, Delta marketed Comfort+ as an upgrade to an extra legroom seat. The airline been working on differentiating the product enough from Economy to successfully sell it as an entirely different fare class.

Image Courtesy of Delta

Delta just started selling Comfort+ as its own separate fare class for certain flights departing on January 22, 2018 and beyond. This includes most international flights between North American and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This won’t make much of a practical difference for customers traveling in Comfort+. Though it could allow Delta to market the product more effectively (aka charge more money) as a separate cabin somewhere between Economy and Business Class, instead of just a legroom upgrade.