May 15, 2017
Delta Testing Facial Recognition Bag Drop This Summer

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Per a press release this morning, Delta is introducing four self-service bag drop machines at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport sometime this summer. One of these four machines will be equipped with facial recognition technology. It will take your picture and match it to your passport photo Delta has on file. This will allow you to drop off your luggage on your own, without a Delta agent. This is the first biometric technology to be tested for U.S. bag drop. Delta Senior VP Gareth Joyce said the following:


“Since customers can operate the biometric-based bag drop machine independently, we see a future where Delta agents will be freed up to seek out travelers and deliver more proactive and thoughtful customer service.” (A U.S. airline delivering proactive and thoughtful customer service? Can’t help but lol at this).


This is a limited trial and Delta will be monitoring the new technology and customer reaction closely. Delta isn’t the first airline to test biometrics at airports. Several European airlines are already considering a system which uses your passport photo in conjunction with your fingerprints to streamline the boarding process. What are your thoughts on biometrics at airports? Great for saving time and improving efficiency or an invasion of privacy?




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