April 19, 2017
Disney Considering Building a Star Wars Luxury Resort Aboard a Starship

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Disney is undergoing huge expansions at its Disneyland, CA and Disney World, FL theme parks right now. Avatar’s Pandora is set to open next month at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Toy Story land is under construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Orlando, and Star Wars land is coming to Disneyland, CA as well as Disney’s Hollywood Studios Orlando in 2019!


Star Wars fans have even more to be excited about, as it looks like Disney is considering a Star Wars themed hotel experience to go along with Star Wars land at Disney World. We know this because Disney is reportedly surveying guests about the idea of a Star Wars hotel, although Disney hasn’t officially announced approval of the idea at this time. The most interesting part of this story is that this hotel really isn’t a traditional hotel, it’s a fully immersive Star Wars experience.

According to the survey, the new hotel would allow guests to stay aboard an ‘actual’ starship during an all-inclusive, two-night immersive Star Wars experience. The hotel would have set check-in and check-out days in two day increments for all their guests. Once checked in, all travelers staying aboard the starship would experience a Star Wars storyline that unfolds during the course of their stay. Guest’s would be able to interact with Star Wars characters and enjoy various live entertainment throughout the starship during their stay. Guests would also have access to flight training, lightsaber training, and personalized secret missions on the starship as well as throughout Star Wars land.


Disney is envisioning this concept as a luxury Star Wars experience. The starship will come with all-inclusive dining, dinner shows, park admission to Star Wars land, a pool area, a water garden, fitness studio, on-board cantina, and droid butlers. Guest rooms aboard the starship would sleep up to four people and offer an interactive view of the galaxy or the pool. The survey indicates that Disney is thinking about pricing this experience around $900-$1,000 per person.

I just want to reiterate again that this is just a survey right now and Disney hasn’t decided to build this hotel yet, but the idea sounds fantastic. I’m sure the millions of Star Wars fans would line up to book a stay on an immersive, all-inclusive Star Wars starship. Would you pay $900-$1,000 per person to stay here?


H/T: WDW News Today


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