August 11, 2017
Review: Be Our Guest Restaurant in Disney World

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Be Our Guest is a restaurant located inside the Beast’s castle (from Beauty and the Beast). The castle is a relatively new addition to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Florida, having opened in December 2012. You can find it all the way in the back of New Fantasyland. This is one of the most intricately themed restaurants available on Disney property and is definitely worth a visit!

The entrance to Be Our Guest, with the Beast’s castle in the back

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

First off, booking a reservation at Be Our Guest isn’t easy. It’s a hugely popular dining destination and always books out months in advance. If you’re interested in going, your best bet is to book your Disney vacation as far in advance as you can and book a meal here asap. Guests staying at Disney hotels can book dining reservations 6 months in advance. That being said, breakfast reservations are easier to get than lunch or dinner (that’s why I ended up having breakfast here instead of dinner).

These ominous statues guard the entrance to Be Our Guest

The biggest difference between Breakfast & Lunch vs Dinner is that the Beast is only at the castle during dinner. Breakfast and Lunch are also quick service meals, meaning you order your food at a counter and servers bring it to you. Dinner is a table service meal, meaning you’re seated at a table, you order off a menu, and waiters serve you.



The restaurant is broken down into three wings, each with their own dining area. You first walk into the stunning ballroom. This is of course based on the ballroom in the movie. My favorite feature, in addition to the beautiful chandeliers, was the windows in the back of the room. Even though you’re in sunny Florida, the windows show the landscape of frozen mountain with snow falling! It’s very well done and looks just like it’s actually snowing outside!

To the left of the ballroom, you’ll find the forbidden West Wing. This is where we were seated. The lighting is noticeable darker in this room. You’ll find claw marks along the walls, torn sheets hanging from the ceiling, and lightning will strike every 10 minutes or so.

You’ll also find the enchanted rose here. It’s a masterfully crafted digital rose. They even have a petal fall off once in a while.

To the right of the ballroom, you’ll find the much brighter and cheerier Rose Gallery room. This features a rotating statue of Beauty and Beast dancing in the center.

The walls are lined with Beauty of the Beast artwork which you won’t find anywhere else on Disney property.



The breakfast food quality is nothing special. It’s the standard mediocre breakfast you see all over Disney. I’ve heard that the food during dinner is significantly better, but I haven’t tried dinner here yet. You’re not paying to experience a memorable meal here, you’re paying to experience the incredible atmosphere. Here’s a sampling of the breakfast food we tried:

Feast A La Gaston

Assorted Cured Meats and Cheese

Vegetable Quiche

All meals come with assorted pastries

The Master’s Cupcake-I have to say I was disappointed with this cupcake. It’s topped with “The Grey Stuff” as sung my Lumiere in the films so I was expected at least a tasty cupcake. This was perfectly bland.


Overall I loved dining at Be Our Guest. While the food wasn’t particularly good, the restaurant’s design was incredible. I’ll be sure to go for dinner next time to get the full table service experience and to meet the beast.