July 24, 2017
Review: The Boathouse at Disney Springs, Orlando

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The Boathouse is combination steakhouse and seafood restaurant located in Disney Springs in Disney World, Orlando. It’s right on the water and provides great views of the lake in Disney Springs. The interior of the restaurant is beautifully done and nautical themed. While it looks small from the outside, you’ll find several dining rooms and bars once you step in. There’s also several outdoor dining tables available right on the pier.

Entrance to The Boathouse

This was the coolest table in the restaurant. You get to have dinner in a boat! Unfortunately there was only one of these tables available.

The Boathouse has a fairly extensive dinner menu, including plenty of items from the raw bar, salads, seafood, steaks, and sandwiches. This was our Hoisin Chili Calamari appetizer, which wasn’t very good. It came out a bit mushy and the peppers weren’t all that spicy.

This was the Broiled Atlantic Swordfish Steak. As far as swordfish goes, it was quite tasty. The vegetables and fish worked well together and the sauce was a great accompaniment.

The filet mignon on the other hand was a bit bland and the sauce was nothing special. I’ve had great steaks, and this just didn’t hold up.

The fish and chips also weren’t that good. It tasted like frozen fish thrown into a fryer. If this were a standard restaurant that would be fine, but not when they charge fine dinng prices for all the food here.

The Boathouse did shine for its music. They had a great live band playing a mix of blues and jazz.

Image Courtesy of The Boathouse

When you’re done with dinner, you can take a tour along the lake on one of the ‘Amphicars’ found right outside the restaurant. These are retro looking ‘cars’ which drive into the water and turn into boats.

Interior of The Boathouse


The nautical theme was very well done. There were elements of sailboats, motorboats, and fish everywhere. The waiters also provided great service. However, the food fell short here. Disney is charging premium prices to dine at this restaurant and the food just isn’t good enough to justify the price point. Disney Springs offers so many dining options that I’d rather try a new restaurant the next time I’m there over eating at The Boathouse again.