October 11, 2017
Earn United Miles for Everyday Shopping with MileagePlus X

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United MileagePlus X is an app offered on both iOS and Android. It allows you to purchase digital gift cards to hundreds of retailers and typically gives you between 0.5X-5X bonus United miles per $1 spent on the gift card. These bonuses can periodically go as high as 10X. If you have a United credit card linked to your United account, you’ll get another 25% bonus miles (even if you don’t actually buy the gift card with the United credit card). These are in addition to the credit card points you normally earn for making the purchase. There’s tons of excellent merchants available on the app. Here’s some examples:

Setup is super easy. Just login to the app with your United login and password. Any credit cards you’ve saved to your United account will automatically show up as an option to purchase the gift cards, or you can enter a new credit card right from the app. Once you purchase the gift card, just present it to the cashier, who’ll either scan a barcode or manually input the gift card number. The bonus United miles will post to your account instantly!

Let’s say you have lunch at IHOP and the bill comes to exactly $100. Instead of paying the check with a credit card, you open the MileagePlus X app and purchase a $100 IHOP gift card with your Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card. You then pay the bill with the gift card. How many points do you earn?

  • IHOP gift cards earn 5X miles per $1 on MileagePlus X. $100 x 5X= 500 United miles
  • Because you have a United credit card saved to your account, you get an extra 25% bonus United miles. 500 x 25%= 125 United Miles
  • Your Chase Sapphire Reserve earns 3X Ultimate Rewards points per $1 on Dining. $100 x 3X= 300 Chase Points
  • Total Earnings= 625 United Miles & 300 Chase Points

This is an incredibly easy and convenient way to earn thousands of extra United Miles a year just by taking a few seconds to buy a gift card on your phone before paying. United has a short video explaining this below: