November 13, 2017
Emirates’ New Business Class is Unimpressive

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Emirates unveiled its new Business Class on the 777-300ER aircraft at the Dubai Airshow yesterday. While the new First Class suites look gorgeous, the same can’t be said for Emirates’ Business Class. The Business cabin looks very polished, but it offers an outdated and uncompetitive 2-3-2 seating configuration. This comes at a time when the airline industry is moving to a 1-2-1 seating configuration in Business Class. Singapore and Qatar Airlines even offer the option to convert the two middle seats into a double bed.

Emirates’ Business Class seats on the 777 come with 72 inches of pitch and can be converted into fully lie-flat seats. They also come with 23-inch HD monitors and an HDMI input, allowing you to play your own content on the in–flight entertainment screen. Passengers can control the monitors via touchscreen or a special tablet. The seats are a modest improvement from the previous version, which had angle-flat seats instead of lie-flat seats.

The tech and shiny polish is great, but three seats in every row don’t have direct aisle access. I can’t image why any premium airline would install three across middle seats in Business Class on brand new planes in 2017. Climbing across someone to stand up or having to move so your seatmate can climb across you is the worst. Even Emirates’ own A380s have 1-2-1 seating in Business Class at this point. What do you think of this?

All Images Courtesy of Emirates