April 5, 2017
Emirates Offering Free Tablets on US Flights

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The US implemented an electronics ban on flights originating from 10 Middle-Eastern airports back in March. Electronic devices larger than a cell phone, like laptops, cameras, DVD players etc., need to be be checked-in before boarding the aircraft. Qatar Airways responded by giving free laptops to first and business class passengers on all US bound flights. Today, Emirates announced that it’s giving free loaner tablets to first and business class passengers on US bound flights.


First and business passengers on all US bound flights will be able to borrow Microsoft Surface tablets equipped with Microsoft Office 2016. Customers can also download their work to a USB at the gate and plug it into the Surface tablets on board to continue their work.


In addition, all passengers (First, Business, and Economy class) can keep using their banned electronics at the airport up to boarding time. At boarding, the electronics have to be checked-in and can be collected on arrival in the US. Here’s what the electronic device check-in process looks like:


It’s good that Emirates is locking up the valuable electronics before putting them in the cargo hold. But note that Emirates is giving out loaner tablets whereas Qatar is giving out loaner laptops. Interesting business decision from Emirates. All things being equal, I’d rather use a laptop than an tablet on these flights 😉

Featured Image Courtesy of Emirates