December 22, 2016
Emirates Introducing World’s First Moisturizing Pajamas

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Straight to the Point


Emirates is introducing the world’s first moisturizing pajamas on an airline! The new pajamas use ‘Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology’ to keep the skin soft while traveling. The material is supposed to release sea kelp as you move around while sleeping, which prevents dehydration and promotes blood circulation.


The over the top pajamas will be provided for first class passengers traveling on overnight flights. The sleepwear is designed to retain its moisturizing ability through ten washes, and flyers are welcome to take them home. They come with matching slippers, eyemask, and a felt pouch.

Amenity Kits


Emirates is also updating its amenity kits. While it’s skill distributing Bulgari kits to first class passengers, the leather bags and contents are getting a facelift. The dark grey kits are designed for men while the white ones are for the female passengers.

Onboard Lavatory Refresh


Finally, Emirates will begin offering Yoya skincare products in the onboard shower spa, as well as the first and business class bathrooms. Emirates had this to say: “Ireland’s seaweed bathhouses offer nature’s full therapeutic power in its purest form. You can experience this 300-year old tradition on board with our select VOYA skincare line, carefully crafted using organic, hand-harvested seaweed.”