November 6, 2017
Emirates Will Reveal It’s New First Class on November 12

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The world’s best airlines are announcing major changes to their First Class products this month. Singapore airlines unveiled their stunning new First Class Suites last week and announced that its inaugural flights from Singapore to Sydney on the A380 will be on December 18, 2017. Emirates just put out a statement on its own upcoming First Class refresh.

Emirates will launch its first two Boeing 777-300ER aircraft equipped with its new First Class on its routes from Dubai-Brussels and Dubai to Geneva on December 1, 2017. First Class on these aircraft will consist of six seats laid out in a 1-1-1 configuration. Emirates’s current generation First Class consists of eight seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. The airline’s move to just six seats will match Singapore Airline’s new Suites Class. Emirates  will be refreshing its Business and Economy Class on the new 777s as well. In case you don’t know what Emirates’s current First Class is like, here’s a refresher from Youtuber Casey Neistat:

The airline also announced that it will finally reveal its new First Class cabins at the Dubai Airshow on November 12, 2017. I’m very excited to see what Emirates comes up with. This is the first major First Class overhaul since the existing cabins were introduced in 2003. Emirates already offers a terrific cabin, complete with an onboard bar and shower on the A380. If you want to book these flights for free using miles and points, here’s my complete guide!

Featured Image Courtesy of Emirates