December 9, 2016
Premium Economy coming to Emirates

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Emirates plans to introduce premium economy class into its fleet within 12 to 18 months!


Premium Economy

Emirates and the gulf carriers haven’t yet embraced the premium economy product being introduced across pretty much every major international airline at this point. Premium economy is a bit of an awkward product as it’s something in between economy and business class and airlines are understandably concerned that it might cannibalize their business class product. Airlines have generally rolled out premium economy as a cabin class slightly above economy-with more legroom, wider seats, and a greater seat recline. At the same time, they’ve been enhancing the service experience in business class while offering business passengers even more space and lie-flat seats, thereby making sure to differentiate the two products.


Emirates Premium Economy

Per Reuters, Tim Clark, Emirates’s president, confirmed to reporters in London on Wednesday that Emirates will finally be adding premium economy. “We are at the stage of finding what form [premium economy] will take…I would think within the next year to 18 months, we will have it in the airline, hopefully up and running.”

Final Thoughts

So it appears they’ve made the decision to implement it are starting the work of designing the premium economy product, service, and amenities. It’ll be interesting to see if the other Gulf carriers will follow this example and add their own premium economy. Overall this is more great news for consumers as we’ll have even more options when flying!