March 3, 2017
Don’t Panic-Americans Can Still Visit Europe Without a Visa

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The European Union and the US have allowed visa-free travel for their citizens for decades. As with everything in life, there were some exceptions. While Americans can visit any EU country without a visa, citizens of EU nations Cyprus, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania need a visa to visit the US.

The European Parliament decided to act on this yesterday by passing a resolution which urges the European Commission to end visa-free travel of US citizens to the EU. DON’T PANIC. The European Parliament has no power to enact laws-this is only a non-binding recommendation. The European Commission is the body that can actually impose this, and it’s anyone’s guess if they will or not. Reuters is reporting that the Commission is working with Washington to reach a diplomatic resolution, so hopefully this will never come to fruition.

I wouldn’t panic about this or change any travel plans to Europe. It’s doubtful that this will ever be enacted since millions of Americans visit Europe every year and provide huge economic stimulus with their spending-especially now that we’re seeing insanely low transatlantic fares like Norwegian’s recent $65 flights between the US and Europe. If Europe does pass this visa requirement, chances are good that the US would return the favor. Finally, it would take time to implement something like this and I doubt Europe will have terribly strict entry requirements anyway. Do you think Europe would actually impose visa requirements on Americans?