May 18, 2017
European Electronics Ban has been Delayed…For Now

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The US has been considering banning large electronics on flights from Europe to the US for over a month now. They already implemented such a ban on various flights from the Middle-East to the US back in March. Officials are considering the ban because intelligence suggests that ISIS is planning on bringing explosives hidden in laptops on US bound flights. US and European representatives met in Brussels yesterday to discuss implementing the European electronics ban and we have some mixed news to report.


The US won’t be implementing the cabin-wide elections ban…for now. However, American and European officials will be meeting again in Washington next week to discuss the electronics ban and alternative security measures. Some airlines are saying that this is just a temporary delay while officials work out the details of the ban, and it will still be implemented eventually.


There’s several problems with banning large elections form the cabin. If passengers can’t bring laptops on board, they’ll have to check them in to the cargo hold of the aircraft. Well, if one of those laptop batteries catch fire, which is statistically inevitable given the number of computers brought on airplanes, you have chemical fire in the cargo hold with no good way of putting it out. If a laptop were to catch on fire in the cabin among passengers, flight attendants would immediately be notified and contain it. The other problem with the ban, though not as serious, is that it could cost trans-Atlantic travelers $1 Billion in lost time, not to mention the hit to the European and US economics due to lost economic activity. 400 flights per day connect 65 million flyers per year between the US and Europe.


The Department of Homeland Security put out the following tweet this morning. As you can see, they’re still very much considering an electronics ban.

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