October 4, 2017
First Look Inside the Patriots’ New Private Jets

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News broke over the summer that the New England Patriots had purchased two Boeing 767 aircraft to fly their team. They’re the first NFL team to buy their own jets. Football teams typically charter flights from major airlines like American, United, Delta etc…since it’s way cheaper than buying your own jet. The Patriots released a first look a the interior of the aircraft on their Facebook page yesterday. It’s nothing too over the top, but it definitely looks comfortable enough for intra-US flights.


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Posted by New England Patriots on Tew’s Day, Octobarrr 3, 2017

The Patriots are using the new planes to ferry their entire team, support staff, and all their equipment across the county. They retrofitted the aircraft with something similar to the equivalent of domestic First Class seats. But the Patriots added an extra 5 inches of legroom to every seat to maximize player comfort. If it was up to me, I’d have installed lie-flat seats 🙂